Janee Angelique Headshot Smiles

Licensed esthetician and "Master Brow Artisan", Janée Angelíque, is the founder and owner of The Brow Bottega, Detroit's first and only unisex brow salon.

"We don't just 'do' brows, brows are 'what' we do."

 "We offer specialized professional brow services and restorative treatments, in a relaxing private suite, by appointment only, for a more exclusive customer experience".  

Our niche "Boutique Brow Experience" is for the client who values time, prefers exclusivity, and 'loves' their brows.

Our belief is that life is about inclusion. Therefore, The Brow Bottega provides services to both women and men from varied ethnicities and nationalities. It is also for this reason that our "Celebration of Diversity and Brow Beauty from around the World" campaign was created, as a showcase of our multifarious clientele.

Follow us on Instagram at @thebrowbottega and keep up with the campaign through our #InternationalBrowBeauty hashtag!